27 October 2009

Future so bright, you gotta wear shades...

I have been dialing 17737, South Africa's new "presidential hotline" for nearly a month in an attempt to get through to Jacob Zuma.
Otherwise shit like this happens, and you get known as the president who got sworn in wearing sunglasses:

ill suited.

"A close-up of the document reveals he was previously known as Sabourjian – a Jewish name meaning cloth weaver."

Dude, you seriously need to get back in touch with your roots and have your family weave you some new threads.

09 October 2009

German coalition allies may clash, but Angela Merkel's pant suits? Never.

I am like so into Angela right now.

Whether shrugging of George W in that flirty pale-yellow number, or showing up fashionably late to the fall of the Berlin wall (she kept it real be keeping a sauna appointment), Uber Frau is consistently cool in her bangs and blazer combo.

But there is another element of her style that is often missed; the pose.

Churchill may have paved the way for Japanese school girls with his V sign ("KAWAII!"), but Angela's got the street cred on lockdown.

"Politics as usual" The Angela-JayZ link.